Dear miners,

Currently we have notifications that are sent to all of you for the following:
- When your registration is activated
- When a deposit is received into the users CMI bitcoin address
- When a package is purchased
- When referral bonuses, and matching and pairing bonuses are paid
- When a withdrawal request is approved
- And when HOURLY earnings are issued but notifications are sent ONLY every 6 hours

Presently, these notifications are sent without any charges as it is absorbed by the company. But now, in order to reduce company overhead expenditures, we have now imposed charges for some notifications sent to you for a minimal fee of 0.05€ (converted to btc). You may opt to receive sms notification on the following :
- Referral bonus
- Matching bonus
- Earnings received (every 6 hours)

These 3 options have been set to default OFF but you may turn it ON at your cabinet if you wish but you will be charged for each sms sent.

All you need to do is go to "SMS Options"(at the cabinet main page), click on the notifications that you want to receive followed by the APPLY CHANGES button and these notifications will be set to ON.

Please try it in your cabinet and refer to us if you have any inquiries.

Thank you.
Finance Department.