We have various packages specially prepared for everybody depending on your financial strength. They are as follows :

Bitcoin Deposit Amount Hourly Returns percentage
premium 1 0.010 to < 0.050 0.020%
Premium 2 0.050 to < 0.100 0.022%
Premium 3 0.100 to < 0.500 0.025%
Premium 4 0.500 to < 1.000 0.028%
Premium 5 1.000 and above 0.035%

For example if you deposit 0.06btc, as per the returns stipulated, you will be entitled to 0.022% per hour for 8000 hours.


    As for the Introducer Bonus, we offer of 21% of the invested amount to the introducer. For example if you introduce somebody to the business and he/she deposits 1.000 btc, you will be automatically entitled to 21% of the invested amount which works out to 0.21btc.

    Pairing bonuses are fixed at 10% of the weaker leg.
    For example if you have 1000btc sales volume on your right leg and 500btc on your left leg, you will be entitled to 10%x 500btc as your pairing bonus that equals to 50btc.
    1. Pairing Bonus Daily Limit
      However the maximum Daily Pairing Bonus allowed is only 2x the invested amount.
      Example: if you had invested 1.000btc in total, your daily Pairing Limit is only 1.000btc x 2 = 2.000 btc /Day.
    2. Accumulated Paring Bonus Limit.
      Please take note that you may earn Pairing Bonuses of only up to 10 times of your Pairing Bonus accumulatively.
      Example: if you invest 2.000btc in total, you may earn an accumulated Pairing Bonus of up to 2.000btc x 10 = 20 btc only. In order to further earn your Pairing Bonus you must make a new investment of your choice again.
    3. Introduced Accounts Placement.
      Placements will be done by the system automatically to the very left or right of the sponsor account in your binary tree. However, the weaker leg will be given priority.

    Besides this we also have the Unilevel matching bonus that goes up to a maximum of 5 levels and the returns are as follows :
    Level Percentage
    1 3%
    2 3%
    3 3%
    4 3%
    5 3%
  4. Please be informed that you are only entitled to have one account linked to one phone number and email address.